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"Where the family that kicks together, sticks together!"

Curriculum & Belts


Basic Fundamentals - The categories of fundamentals include:  stances, blocks, parries, punches, strikes, kicks, finger techniques, foot maneuvers, and specialized moves and methods.  Fundamentals are like letters of the alphabet; it is necessary to know how to spell and sound out each letter to know where it may be applied.  Techniques are like words, with sets and katas likes sentences or paragraphs of motion.  Basic fundamentals are the building blocks.

Sparring Techniques - Include physical movements as well as strategies employed while free form sparring with another student.  There is no preset arrangement, but complete spontaneity.

Self-Defense - These are movements designed to defend against a multitude of attacks: pushes, grabs, tackles, punches, kicks for one or more assailants.

Grappling or JuJitsu - Comprised of joints locks and holds designed to restrain, hinder, or if necessary incompassitate an opponent.  Also used as a finishing technique of submission with self-defense.

Sets & Katas - These are dance like routines that teach flow, balance, focus, concentration; develop speed, endurance, and stamina; providing excellent muscle development, coordination and cardiovascular stamina.

Weaponry - GKC teaches the following weaponry:  Escrima, Bo or Staff, Kama, and Sai.  These are taught in special clinics, and at the Black Belt Level.



The basic belt colors in their order are:

White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown (3 degrees), Black

The average time frame for an individual to move from White Belt to Black Belt is 4 years.